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Living In Harmony

Super-charge your spleen

  Many people find themselves struggling with low energy, trouble concentrating, strong sugar cravings and body aches this time of year.  There’s a different quality to August – things feel heavier, damper, slower – like a ripe fruit just hanging on the vine.  In fact, late summer is considered a separate season in Chinese Medicine. If you’re feeling […]

10 Ways to be a free and easy wanderer

Free and easy wanderer is the name of a Chinese herb formula that gets the liver qi un-stuck.  And we know from yesterday’s post that free-flowing liver qi is the key to creativity, productivity, and ease and is often the remedy for ailments like migraines, heartburn, and PMS.  Well, here are ten ways to get […]

Living well in the Age of Anxiety

Some compelling links from around the web as a follow-up to my post this week on staying sane in the world of twitter. Do we really live in the Age of Anxiety?  “If you start to believe that anxiety is a foregone conclusion — if you start to believe the hype about the times we […]

Staying sane in the world of twitter

We’ve all got so much to do each and every day. How in the world of twitter do we stay sane in these fast-paced times? The answer is in cultivating that part of us that’s peaceful no matter what, and that part lies in our hearts.  We all have some sense that the heart is […]

Without Child

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week.  A good time for me to let you all know about a project I’ve been working on called Without Child.  I’ve joined with an amazing group of holistic health practitioners to create a resource for women struggling with all aspects of fertility.  We aim to provide thoughtful, inspiring […]

Inspiring links

I’m traveling this week, so instead of writing a lengthy post, I’m pointing you towards a couple of folks that provide some toe-tingling inspiration. Little points of light to be planted in the dark soil of winter. Perfect for me to read as I get ready for my move to Pittsburgh! More on that later […]

Shallow breaths and cheese curls

Imagine a tall glass of pure, clean water.  Now imagine adding a tiny drop of food coloring to the glass.  Watch as the drop begins to suffuse into the water, tendrils of color stretching in multiple directions.  Eventually, the whole glass will take on the shade you’ve added.  This is my mental picture for a […]

9000 emails

I deleted over 9000 emails this past weekend.  I realize that may sound insane.  Maybe you too got sucked in by gmail’s infinite storage and amazing search functions?  There’s no need to delete anything!  So, I didn’t.  For four years.  And I didn’t think it was a problem.  I mean I was at about 13% […]

Space in the Garden

I have the incredible opportunity this summer of interning at the Green Farmacy Garden, a treasure-trove of medicinal herbs and peacefulness in Fulton, Maryland.  As I was weeding some of the beds last Monday, the idea of space kept coming to me.  Mostly, I was pulling sweet annie.  Now, this is a medicinal herb in […]

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