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About Debbie

How Debbie Hardin can help you improve your life with acupuncture

Read below for my full story, but here’s a quick snapshot of my credentials:

  • Masters degree in acupuncture from the Tai Sophia Institute (now the Maryland University of Integrative Health)

  • Nationally board-certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Licensed to practice acupuncture by the state of Pennsylvania

My story:

I don’t let many things hold me back these days.  I may not jump out of airplanes or wrestle bears, but I know that I’m living at my edge most days.

This wasn’t always the case.

In high school, I wouldn’t even go up in the lunch line by myself.

In college, I signed up to take salsa dancing lessons with a guy on my floor, only to not answer the door when the day of class arrived (if you’re reading this, sorry about that – it was me, not you).

I was also sick a lot, had intense shoulder pain, and felt anxious and depressed pretty much all the time.

I functioned and actually managed to graduate from Johns Hopkins with good grades.  But I wasn’t well in any sense of the word.

Enter acupuncture treatment during my junior year.

I didn’t know anything about Chinese Medicine at the time, but a friend of my sister’s was getting her Master’s in acupuncture at a nearby school and needed patients to treat in the student clinic.

So, I thought, why not?

I figured it would help with my shoulder pain.  I had no idea that it would help with everything else.  At first, I didn’t even know how to describe it. I just noticed that I no longer hid in the bathroom between classes.

I felt lighter. I started eating better without effort, sleeping better, and communicating better.

It felt like who I was on the inside was finally being expressed on the outside. I no longer felt stuck and victimized by life.

My own treatment has continued to be a big part of my evolution as a human being.

We all have so much to offer to life, and yet we tend to just get by, only seeking out help when things are really wrong.

For me, the goal of treatment is to empower people to create and live a meaningful life.

  • Whether it’s a young student who feels powerless and lost, overwhelmed by life yet longing to live deeper.
  • An empty-nester nearing retirement, bogged down with aches and pains, worried about how to still matter in the world.
  • A creative with big ideas who struggles with maintaining focus and energy.
  • A woman who longs to be a mom and is having trouble conceiving.
  • Anyone struggling with anxiety or depression, burdened by a pervasive sense that something’s wrong.

I help people find the place that can carry them through the inevitable ups and downs of life.

I encourage each person’s potential, finding the parts of life that are working well and expanding them, while at the same time addressing the parts where there’s stuckness and dis-ease.

I help people make connections between their symptoms and their lifestyles.

I listen deeply and provide the space for people to hear their own thoughts.

Patients praise me for my gentle needling style, and my knack for having empathy for their struggles while never losing sight of their potential.

This is my life’s work.

I’m highly committed to cultivating myself as a practitioner and am looking forward to practicing this medicine until I’m old and gray. I have a masters in acupuncture from the Tai Sophia Institute (now called the Maryland University of Integrative Health), the oldest accredited graduate school for acupuncture in the U.S., and am licensed by the state of Pennsylvania, as well as board-certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

I’ve also completed a two-year continuing education course with acupuncturist Lonny Jarrett in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and studied classical medical Chinese with Nicolaas Herman Oving.

I love hiking, meditation, yoga, writing, herbal medicine, and learning new things. 

I want to help you. I want to help the world.

This medicine is the perfect vehicle for me to do that.

It inspires me every day to continue to grow.

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