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What your liver has to do with heartburn and anger | Hardin Acupuncture

What your liver has to do with heartburn and anger

I started to write this post on Sunday evening, and wanted to have it up on the blog on Tuesday (it’s Wednesday.)  I’m sure you’re familiar with this scene:  I was at my computer, ready to write.  And then I moseyed on over to Facebook, just to, you know, check in.  I sent a few tweets, I emailed a friend.  And before I knew it, the evening was gone, and I had no writing to show for it.  I felt frustrated – like I needed to run or yell.  My solar plexus felt tight and burning, and I had a slight headache.

Well, those are all symptoms of exactly what I wanted to write about:  Liver qi stagnation!  So obviously, I wasn’t procrastinating – I was doing important research.

Did you know that your liver has to do with your vision?  Everyday vision as well as big-picture vision – being clear about what you’re meant to do in this world.

It also helps you accomplish goals and think creatively.

Helps you bend without snapping (i.e. flexibility in both body and mind).

Ensures the smooth flow of emotions.

And orchestrates the menstrual cycle.  PMS usually involves some type of liver qi stagnation.  This will vary from woman to woman of course, but sometimes that over-the-top irritability before a period is an accumulation of grievances from the month that haven’t been dealt with. 

Liver energy is like a plant bursting through the soil in the spring.  Or like bamboo – constantly growing upward, flexible yet nearly-unbreakable.  When we’re aligned with this dynamic energy, we feel inspired and innovative and calmly ready for anything.  If we block or impede it in some way, we’re going to feel it.

Maybe as migraines. Or heartburn.  Achy joints.  Painful periods.  Bloating.  Anger.  Depression.

You could take Prilosec for the heartburn, Lyrica for the achy joints, the pill for the periods, Gas-x for the bloating, Xanax for the anger, and Prozac for the depression.

Or you could take steps to free up your liver qi!  The good news is that these symptoms are often signs of blocked potential that, once cleared, can lead to amazing creativity, surprising productivity and an overall sense of wellbeing and flow.

Be sure to check back in tomorrow to learn the most common ways we get out of alignment (hint, procrastination is a big one) as well as actionable steps on how to harness the energy that’s got you stuck.

(Image source: rcbodden)

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