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10 Ways to be a free and easy wanderer | Hardin Acupuncture

10 Ways to be a free and easy wanderer

Tree buds opening

Free and easy wanderer is the name of a Chinese herb formula that gets the liver qi un-stuck.  And we know from yesterday’s post that free-flowing liver qi is the key to creativity, productivity, and ease and is often the remedy for ailments like migraines, heartburn, and PMS.  Well, here are ten ways to get loosened up:


1. Take effective action. 

Or completely let go of your upset.  One or the other.  Don’t complain to your co-worker.  Don’t tell everyone about the driver that cut you off in traffic.  Do speak your needs clearly when necessary.  Do initiate change when that’s appropriate.

2. Participate! 

This is a big one for me.  It’s all too easy to spend time just consuming information without sharing my own thoughts.  Reading through Facebook or Twitter updates or scrolling through endless blogs.  I’ve recently set a rule for myself – no signing into social media sites without engaging (commenting, replying – NOT just hitting the like button.  It’s too easy).  And no quickly checking my email on my phone unless I’m prepared to answer them right then.  Would a rule like that help you, too?

3. Have an opinion. 

Going along with everything because you want to be nice is not only damaging to your liver, it’s annoying!  We don’t want to ruffle feathers, but some feathers need ruffling.  This goes for big issues as well as little ones.  If you’re going out to eat with friends and someone suggests Thai and you hate Thai – speak up!

4.  Just pick one.

Is it only me that’s occasionally been overwhelmed while trying to purchase toilet paper?  Hesitation, when it comes to big or little things can really block our liver qi.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thoughtful, but when it comes to decisions that don’t really matter in the long run, try just picking one, quickly and efficiently and with conviction.  I’m buying THIS brand of toilet paper, dammit!  You’ll probably find that the bigger decisions will become easier to make too.

(This may seem to be in opposition to #3 – why not just choose Thai since it doesn’t really matter?  You could do that as long as you’re actively choosing and not just eating there because you don’t want to say otherwise.  If you do choose to eat Thai, see #1 and don’t complain about it later!)

5. Express yourself.

Liver energy moves up and out.  Being creative is the best way to express this energy.  Writing, painting, crafting.  Whatever has you feeling the flow.

6. Exercise. 

Seriously, what isn’t it good for?  Walking, stretching – it doesn’t have to be some elaborate routine.  I took a break to go for a brisk walk today, and it was like magic.  Tennis and dancing are also especially good for the liver, especially the former. All you need is some good tennis equipment from and you’re good to go.

7. Go to bed! 

The liver is most active during the hours of 11pm and 1am.  Because it stores and cleanses the blood, it’s good to be horizontal (and preferably asleep) during that time.  If you stay up late, you may kick into high-gear and feel especially productive because the liver deals with creativity and planning.  This may work in the short-term, but honestly, you’ll probably feel more creative more consistently if you recharge your liver at night instead of working it.

8. Pass on the booze

If you have serious liver qi stagnation, I would suggest not having alcohol.  It frees the liver up momentarily, giving the illusion of relief, but ultimately exacerbates the problem.

9. Eat your greens

Just like exercise, what aren’t they good for?  Those dark, green leafy veggies are like an elixer for the liver.

10. Acupuncture.

A course of treatment can help you experience what it’s like to have a relaxed liver.  That doesn’t mean you can keep up with the same patterns that blocked things up in the first place, or else you’ll just be back to where you started.  Treatment will make it so much easier to make the changes however.

(Image source: Dominic)

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