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The gardening cure for Parkinson’s | Hardin Acupuncture

The gardening cure for Parkinson’s

Did you hear about the man who cured his Parkinson’s by taking up gardening?  In his early 70’s, he began struggling with the brain fog, jolty gait, and tremors of the syndrome.  He felt dried up and fleeting, like a dandelion puff.  One day, he remembered his earlier love of working in the earth, and started doing a little bit in the morning each day.  It was slow at first.  But he kept at it and gradually increased his time spent digging out in the sunlight.  Slowly, his walking became more even and steady.  The tremors lessened.  He was thinking more clearly.  He no longer seemed like a ghost of his former self.  He was present to life.

A cure is what has you come to life. 

Gardening happened to be this one man’s path back to life.  I made the title purposefully mis-leading, because that’s the way we tend to think.  Oh, gardening cures Parkinson’s, rather than, this man reconnected to his passion and began to get better.  We don’t need to replicate it across all people and all diseases.  Each person is different.

Maybe for another person it’s dancing.

Or music.

Or a connection to a greater purpose.

For me, right now, writing in the morning is my cure.  It’s what has me feeling creative and focused and alive.

What’s your cure? 

Thanks to Bob Duggan, master acupuncturist and mentor, for sharing about his patient back in school.

(Image source: aussiegall)

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