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Discussing holistic health in Pittsburgh | Hardin Acupuncture

Discussing holistic health in Pittsburgh

Health is in your hands

I had the great, last-minute pleasure of being interviewed by Joanne Quinn-Smith on her Positively Pittsburgh Live radio show on Monday night.  It was a round table discussion with another acupuncturist, Barbara Solomon and a chiropractor, Dr. Dan Turo. The topic was holistic health, and I had a fantastic time engaging in conversation with people who share my passion.  Here are the most important themes that came up:

1. We’ve got to treat the root cause for true healing

Joanne asked about skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.  She asked about painful periods.  Every symptom that we experience, whether physical or emotional, is an expression of some internal disharmony especially after procedures like breast augmentation.  If we just suppress the symptom without addressing the deeper issues, other symptoms, perhaps more serious, are likely to surface.  It’s like putting a piece of tape over your check engine light.  Or playing whack-a-mole.  Problems will always find another way to express themselves unless they’re resolved at the root.  Holistic modalities like acupuncture and chiropractic work to do just that.

2. We need to be our own primary care providers.

It’s easy to see healing as something someone or something else does to us.  We get sick, we go to the doctor.  We have a headache, we take a pill.    We don’t put ourselves into the equation, and yet self-care is probably the most important aspect of health-care.  A big part of my practice is helping patients make connections between their symptoms and their lifestyle.  Then they can experiment to see what changes they might make to help themselves feel better, and aren’t always dependent on outside interventions (including acupuncture!)

3. Health care vs. Sick care

Until we begin to reconnect with everyday ways to be well, there’s going to be too much of a burden on our health-care system.  It’s not really a question of which form of medicine is better – western, Chinese, chiropractic, ayurvedic, etc.  It’s about what’s most appropriate in each situation.  Western medicine, is by and large, heroic medicine.  It’s so helpful when we need serious intervention, and yet not necessarily the best option when it comes to chronic illness, stress, and emotional issues.  Huge costs are incurred by trying to manage these issues with drugs and surgeries, money that would be better spent on encouraging wellness practices.  I highly recommend Bob Duggan’s forthcoming book, Breaking the Iron Triangle, for a revolutionary look at this healthcare issue. 

You can listen to our discussion on holistic and alternative health in Pittsburgh here if you’re interested.  The first fifteen minutes or so are announcements about events going on in the area, and then the four of us speak for about 45 minutes.

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