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Savoring this Season | Hardin Acupuncture

Savoring this Season

The start of school, that slight chill in the air at night, dusk coming earlier.  Summer may seem to be over, but it’s not fall yet.  We are in a transition period, a time of year that Chinese medicine deems late summer, with its own gifts, flavor and opportunities.  Here’s an ode to this beautiful season from my dear friend and fellow acupuncturist, Martha Rogers.


We are in the midst of the season of Late Summer, a time when the garden and markets are overflowing with flowers, herbs, fruits and veggies of all shapes, sizes, and bold colors. This is a time when the natural world calls to each of us to slow down, to sit down, to savor all that is rich and plentiful in the garden of our lives. And, it is in the slowing down that we begin to receive the Grace that is all around us and within us.

Simply put, this season is fundamentally about self-care. How do you care, truly care, for your own body, heart and spirit? Self-care is very individual and, it may change each day depending on how you feel and what you need. For some it may be exercising, or getting into bed at a decent hour each night, or putting extra celery in the soup that you are making. Self-care is anything that you do just for YOU because you deserve it. It is paramount that we offer care and kindness to ourselves so that we can boldly offer our gifts and love to those around us.

One fantastic way to care for yourself this time of year is to go to your local farmer’s markets. Fill up your recyclable bags with the aliveness of local fresh fruits and veggies. While there let yourself wander amongst the boxes of glowing heirloom tomatoes and the smiling yellow faces of the sunflowers. Meander about allowing yourself to soak up the dynamic, vibrant, communal energies of the market. Then go home and create a delicious meal for yourself and your loved ones. Take your time. Enjoy the creative process. Eat slowly. Savor the textures and flavors of each bite. Allow yourself to slow down, to experience the abundance of this season.

(Image source: lburiedpaul)

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