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Meditation is training for life | Hardin Acupuncture

Meditation is training for life

“Just stop for a minute and see what you have given your mind to do.  You said to your mind, ‘I want everyone to like me.  I don’t want anyone to speak badly of me. 

I want everything I say and do to be acceptable and pleasing to everyone.  I don’t want anyone to hurt me.  I don’t want anything to happen that I don’t like.  And I want everything to happen that I do like.’ 

Then you said, ‘Now, mind, figure out how to make every one of these things a reality, even if you have to think about it day and night.’  And of course your mind said, ‘I’m on the job. I will work on it constantly.'”

(From The Untethered Soul by Michael D. Singer, one of my absolute favorite books.)

No wonder we feel overwhelmed and stressed!  Our minds, a wonderful tool that could be solving important problems, creating art, contemplating the world, are instead busy trying to control everything in our environment so we feel OK.

The practice of meditation gives us the opportunity to take a bigger perspective, one that isn’t hyper-focused on the constant fluctuations of our thoughts and feelings.  It gives us access to a realm in which everything already is OK.  And then when we re-enter the world , we can make choices and engage with life from a place of freedom rather than from a place of conditioning, fear, overwhelm and contraction.

On December 8th, I’ll be participating in a meditation marathon and will be meditating for 12 hours (!) (Don’t worry, there will be bathroom and meal breaks.)  I’m very excited to set aside a whole day for this – meditation practice is one of the most important things I do every day.  Keeps me grounded, sane, resilient.  Seriously, I can’t imagine the chaos if I didn’t have this practice.

I am not actively seeking sponsors, but if you feel moved to contribute, you can support my team, DC Depth – many of my friends will be meditating for a full 24 hours (some even for 48 hours!)  All donations support Enlightennext, an organization dedicated to catalyzing a culture of depth and spirit.  One participant, Tom Huston, summed up his motivation for meditating so beautifully that I wanted to share part of it here:

“The inner peace, fulfillment, and spiritual self-confidence that we gain from extended, all-out meditation sessions like the Meditation Marathon liberate us in the most profound way imaginable—from superficiality, from meaninglessness, from existential confusion, and from the deep sense that something is missing and something is wrong.

When all of that is transcended through deep meditation, you realize that you are already perfectly complete and fulfilled, right now, exactly as you are. There is nothing in the world that can give you more confidence, clarity, and inspiration than that.”

If some part of you is craving depth, letting go, stillness – participate in the marathon!  Even for an hour or two at home.  You’ll get the inspiration and instruction you need to realize this place within you, and your life will be infinitely richer for it.  You can also join me on Thursday nights for meditation practice along with group acupuncture treatment.


(Image source: Wiertz Sebastien)

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