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More thoughts on meditation | Hardin Acupuncture

More thoughts on meditation

Meditation group

I just can’t help myself.  After 12 hours of deep meditation this weekend, I have to share a few more thoughts on the practice.  I feel such a renewed vigor and focus this week, like a strong wind blew through my mind and only left the important things.

And yet it wasn’t all fun while I was doing it.  Why is the practice of meditation sometimes such a miserable experience?  All we’re doing is sitting still.  How could that be torture?  As soon as we go quiet, every painful thought and memory seems to flood our mind, and it can feel overwhelming.

The great thing is that there’s so much space inside that we’re usually unaware of.  It’s like we’re holding our painful thoughts directly in front of our faces, wondering why we can’t seem to imagine anything different, and then we just take a step back and realize that there’s a lot more room than we thought.  We focus on the night sky, that infinite space, rather than the individual stars.

Even the most painful memory, the most gut-wrenching wave of regret loses its power if it’s arising in a sea of infinity.  It’s nothing more than a speck, with no power.  Just entertain that as a possibility – that you don’t actually have to get rid of negative emotions that seem to be harassing you.  The only reason they are bothering you is because you are bothering them.

You might have to take this on faith at first.  It might feel overwhelming when you sit down to meditate, when every sore spot in your body and mind seems to become activated at once and that’s all you can see, just a long string of wrong turns.  You may want to collapse in the face of it.  But just keep sitting still.  Staying upright and still is a metaphor for cultivating steadfastness in everyday life.  There’s nothing that can really sway you.  And this muscle, with practice, gets stronger.  And the pull towards that creative space gets stronger.  Even when it doesn’t feel like it’s getting stronger, trust that it is.

Daily meditation goes a long way to feeling more at ease, more focused, and more creative, and this is the perfect time of year to start or deepen a practice.  The whole world seems to be meditating.  It gets darker earlier and earlier.  The plants are all sending energy into their roots, preparing for spring.

Find a time that you can commit to – whether it’s 15 minutes or an hour – and see what a month of practice brings to your life.  Then keep it simple – be still, relax, pay attention, and have no relationship to the contents of your mind.  Repeat.


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