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Leaving Well Enough Alone | Hardin Acupuncture

Leaving Well Enough Alone

The illusion of perfect health can create a rigidity that is very unhealthy.

In what ways are we already healthy enough right now to be the people we’re meant to be and to offer our particular gifts to the world?  We are here to create, make a difference, manifest things, change, and get messy sometimes.  We aren’t here to see how much energy we can conserve just for the sake of having it left at the end of our lives.  And we aren’t here to achieve greater and greater levels of wellness just for its own sake.  To me this misses the point.   We’re meant to be healthy enough and to use our energy wisely, so that we can lead deep, passionate, effective lives.  Otherwise, we’re each just stuck in our little worlds of feeling better and better without thinking about what it’s for the sake of.  Perfect health then becomes an addiction like any other.

Think about something that you are struggling with either emotionally or physically, and then ask yourself the question, who am I with this?  Even if this is something that you continue to deal with for the rest of your life, who are you being in your life right now?  When will you be well enough?

The things we do to take care of ourselves and feel good are in service of our higher goals, not the other way around.

For a thought-provoking and inspiring video on reframing the concept of wellness, check out this TED talk with Aimee Mullins, the champion runner who was born without shin bones.

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