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Meditation is… | Hardin Acupuncture

Meditation is…

Better than morphine according to this study.  Even people with only 1 hour of mindfulness meditation training experienced a significant decrease in their level of pain during meditation.

Like making sure I’ve eaten a good meal before going to the grocery store.  If I don’t everything looks delicious, and I can’t decide what’s good for me or not.  I end up coming home with a lot of junk.  Meditating helps me realize what’s important in life and what’s just clutter.

Simple.  Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor.  Set a timer (start small if necessary) and remain still for the entire time, having no relationship to whatever thoughts happen to come.  Repeat daily.

Sometimes like floating on your back in the ocean, held by the water, warmed by the sun.

Sometimes extremely difficult.  Just remaining still and calm and disinterested in whatever your mind happens to be going on about takes effort. And yet without this effort, it’s hard to be aware enough in our lives to make free choices. The author Csikszentmihalyi (no, I don’t know how to pronounce it), described meditation as activating a clutch in an engine, enabling people to “disengage themselves occasionally from the pressure of relentless drives so as to make their own decisions” (from the book The Evolving Self).

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