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Seasonal Allergies | Hardin Acupuncture

Seasonal Allergies

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We’re coming up on that time when lots of congested, itchy-eyed people will be explaining, “it’s the pollen count.”  Sure, the pollen is one part of the story, and yet why is the body reacting in such a way to it?  Dealing with allergies – and not just suppressing the body’s natural response through antihistamines and other drugs – is about listening to the body and giving it what it needs.  Allergies are a sign that something is out of whack (and it’s not the pollen – it’s just doing its thing).  Here are some tips to help you heal your body – and the first four are free!

1.    Get more sleep.  The body’s immune system is seriously compromised when you’re not getting enough rest at night.  What to a well-rested body is just dust from flowers becomes a dangerous invader to an exhausted one.

2.    Eat less sugar.  Excess sugar has a very similar effect to lack of sleep.  The body is much more likely to wage war against things that are not actually harmful to the body – like pollen.

3.    Cut out dairy as an experiment.  Dairy can be a very inflammatory food for some people.  Not everyone, and yet if you are suffering from chronic congestion, it might be worth eliminating it for a week to see how you feel.

4.    Make sure you’re hydrated.  If your answer to the question, “how much water do you drink?” is “not enough,” then starting today, commit to drinking more.  Dehydration, just like the first three things listed above, is very connected to an increased inflammatory response.

5.    Eat a spoonful of raw local honey daily.  The pollen found in this tasty substance can help desensitize the body.  Look for it at farmers’ markets and natural food stores.

6.    Use a neti pot.  I know – it may seem like way too much effort.  Give it a try for a week though and see if the results aren’t worth it.  You can pick one up when you get your local honey – anyone in the supplements department will be able to guide you.  You are rinsing your nasal passages with warm salt water and it feels good (not like getting water up your nose at the beach).  Be sure to use sea salt so you’re not running additives through your sinuses.

And finally, if after trying all of the above, you are still miserable, you may want to come in for some weekly acupuncture treatments.  You’ll know if it’s helping after about six treatments and then can space them out, eventually coming in for a tune-up when the seasons change.  This is much more of an investment than the other tips above, and yet can provide real relief and probably will save you money in the long-term.  For an in-depth explanation on how acupuncture can help with allergies: Allergies Have Sprung.

One thought on “Seasonal Allergies

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I love your site! The tips above are a good reminder for me. I have a neti pot and do use it to cleanse my sinuses when needed. Also, have kale growing in my yard from last winter and used some in soup this week. Keep the tips coming.


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