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How to avoid being a frosted-over crocus | Hardin Acupuncture

How to avoid being a frosted-over crocus

Snowy crocus

Many of us are probably starting to feel a little cabin-fever, an itch to get moving again, especially on this snowy day.

I love winter, and yet I’m just as eager for spring as a winter-hater at this point. The idea of hot sunlight on bare skin feels like a distant dream.

Spring is for taking action. The plans we’ve had time to quietly cultivate during winter can be brought forth. Like a blade of grass growing through a concrete sidewalk, there’s a quality of persistence and fierce determination to this time of year that we can draft.

That being said, we don’t want to end up like a frosted-over crocus, jumping in too quickly. Best to be more like a daffodil, just a few weeks behind. A little extra time cooking up good things underground before we show the world what we’ve got.

Chinese medicine tells us that how we live in one season affects the quality of the following ones. So the more that we’ve been able to be still and introspective this winter, the more depth we’ll have to bring to our endeavors this spring. There’s still time – if you feel like you haven’t gotten enough rest this winter, carve out some time before we fully make the transition. A little could go a long way to having a better spring.

I’m already starting to see some of the typical winter-spring issues in the treatment room – headaches, allergies, skin rashes, depression, indigestion. These often come from either energy surging too strongly upward too quickly or some sort of stagnation of energy.

Here are the top two simple things I advise to stay open and in the flow as we head into spring:

Movement – Make it a priority to move your body in some way every day. Going for a walk, doing some yoga or qi gong. Allow your activity level to increase gradually.

Green veggies – Throughout our history we would naturally cleanse this time of year. After a winter of eating mostly heavy, preserved foods and root vegetables, we’d partake of all the fresh, young greens popping up.

If you want to delve deeper, check out these posts I wrote about the liver (the organ associated with the springtime):

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