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Internet-free Sundays | Hardin Acupuncture

Internet-free Sundays

Green space

In early January, I resolved to make my Sundays internet-free after reading an article about stop days on (link at the end).

I’ve mostly stuck to it. Waking up on Monday morning is a pretty peaceful experience on the weeks when I have.

It forces me to realize this true but often frantically ignored fact:

I will never get everything done. Never.

Some days I like to pretend that I can.

But, nope.

The only sane way to live is to be really clear on what’s essential and then do that with lots of focus and passion.

With a healthy dose of doing nothing on a regular basis.

Otherwise, it’s too easy for me to stay on the surface of things. To just keep consuming information without integrating. To skim articles, click “like”, retweet, put things in my “pocket” to read later. Well, I don’t know about you, but my pocket is overflowing with unread material. If it was a real pocket, it’d be dragging on the ground as I walked.

Pausing for a moment (or a day) can be like breaking a spell.

Some Sundays I sleep all day. Or read a whole novel just for fun. Or clean. Or spend the day hiking in the woods (the sight and smell of green things is total refreshment for the eyes and soul.)

New things can emerge in the quiet space. There’s room to be surprised.

I’m not at all anti-technology. I love the fact that I can record my clinical notes and accept payment on my iPad. I love staying connected with people who live far away. I love that I can stream episodes of Dr. Who. Not to mention the amazing collaboration and innovation that it reflects and enables (bright-green for the win.)

But it’s endless. You can’t really read the whole internet, twice.

We’ve got to make choices, and for me, taking a whole day away (plus an hour or so each morning in meditation), makes it much easier to make better choices.

Put some barriers around how you spend your time and watch the magic happen.



The importance of a ‘stop day’ on

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