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Mindfulness in Daily Life | Hardin Acupuncture

Mindfulness in Daily Life

 Peaceful Sky

I used to put things I wanted to be on my to-do lists. Right there along with oil change and pay quarterly taxes would be act more loving towards yourself and others and practice peace.

As I accomplished the more mundane things, I would cross them off with increasing satisfaction. When the crossed-off things outnumbered the not, I carefully carried over the remaining items to a new list and momentarily felt inspired before getting on with renew license and buy stamps.

My method was not entirely off – it’s useful for me to articulate the things I want to cultivate. There just wasn’t a bridge, a way of bringing those written words into my body, my cells, my life.

The core attributes of peace and integrity and inspiration, rather than permeating everything I did from getting the oil changed to buying stamps, were quickly smothered by those everyday acts.  There was a false sense that once I got through those simpler tasks, I could conquer being more loving, more peaceful, more alive.

As if those things are ever something I could cross off and be done with.

As if they are separate from my life.

One morning I was absentmindedly and a bit too harshly scrubbing my teeth. My thoughts were focused on when I could do yoga, which workshop I could attend, what time of day to meditate, all in the name of practicing peace.

A new approach occurred to me then: Practice peace.

Oh yeah.

I began paying attention to which tooth I was brushing, how it felt, how much time I spent. I began brushing my teeth with attention.  After that experience, I realized I could practice peace while eating breakfast, while driving my car, while doing anything and everything.

If I catch myself planning when to practice peace and notice that my body is uptight and my breathing is a bit shallow, that is my reminder to practice it now.

It works a lot better than constantly jotting the words down on a fresh piece of paper.


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