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Mindfulness in Daily Life | Hardin Acupuncture

Mindfulness in Daily Life

 Peaceful Sky

I used to put things I wanted to be on my to-do lists. Right there along with oil change and pay quarterly taxes would be act more loving towards yourself and others and practice peace.

As I accomplished the more mundane things, I would cross them off with increasing satisfaction. When the crossed-off things outnumbered the not, I carefully carried over the remaining items to a new list and momentarily felt inspired before getting on with renew license and buy stamps.

My method was not entirely off – it’s useful for me to articulate the things I want to cultivate. There just wasn’t a bridge, a way of bringing those written words into my body, my cells, my life.

The core attributes of peace and integrity and inspiration, rather than permeating everything I did from getting the oil changed to buying stamps, were quickly smothered by those everyday acts.  There was a false sense that once I got through those simpler tasks, I could conquer being more loving, more peaceful, more alive.

As if those things are ever something I could cross off and be done with.

As if they are separate from my life.

One morning I was absentmindedly and a bit too harshly scrubbing my teeth. My thoughts were focused on when I could do yoga, which workshop I could attend, what time of day to meditate, all in the name of practicing peace.

A new approach occurred to me then: Practice peace.

Oh yeah.

I began paying attention to which tooth I was brushing, how it felt, how much time I spent. I began brushing my teeth with attention.  After that experience, I realized I could practice peace while eating breakfast, while driving my car, while doing anything and everything.

If I catch myself planning when to practice peace and notice that my body is uptight and my breathing is a bit shallow, that is my reminder to practice it now.

It works a lot better than constantly jotting the words down on a fresh piece of paper.


8 thoughts on “Mindfulness in Daily Life

  1. What a great reminder Debbie! It is so easy to get stuck in the hamster wheel and just think about what needs to get done so that there perhaps is some relaxation down the road. When in fact, being in the moment, could provide just that. A relaxed mind.

  2. Awesome advice Debbie! I honestly need reminding to even breathe somedays! I do appreciate you sharing this wisdom.

  3. Thanks, Leigh-Anne! I hear you on the breathing – that simple thing alone would make a profound difference in people’s health, I say.

  4. I love this piece! You are so right … I don’t need to “make a plan” to meditate, or be in the moment, or breathe, or pay attention … I just need to do it!

  5. beautiful piece – we always think there is a tomorrow and there may not be – but there ALWAYS is right now! Love your wisdom and miss your healing hands:) Kim in Maryland…. P.S My bells palsy is almost healed.Thanks so much for your help in that part of my life.

  6. I miss you too, Kim! So glad to hear that you’re almost healed – it’s been a long journey for you. Thanks very much for staying in touch!

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