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Your Roots are on the Inside | Hardin Acupuncture

Your Roots are on the Inside

mountain view

Around this time of year I start imagining what it would be like to be buried in the ground. Now that sounds creepy, but I don’t mean in a macabre-death-vampire way. More like a cute, hibernating groundhog way. Or a sleeping tulip bulb way. I picture myself totally protected, warm, and enveloped, able to draw in all the nourishment I need.

So without actually sinking down into the dirt for an extended period of time, what are other ways I can give my body what it’s longing for?

I can get a massage and pretend that I’m clay, being reworked and remolded.

I can get acupuncture and sink into the blissful half-sleep/half-awake place that the needles engender, letting my body and mind reset.

I can meditate, my still body and crossed legs a metaphor for absolute rootedness, tending the soil so new things can bloom.

I can eat my roots! Nature is sending its energy deep into them this time of year. Eat them and the power is mine too: Carrots, parsnips, beets, rutabaga. And I can make tea from roots too – ginger is a favorite. And add astragalus to soup stocks. And cook with turmeric.

I can take a hot bath and just pretend it’s the ground and I’m a bulb (this feels reeaaally good).

I can practice yoga, feeling my feet firmly planted and my breath in my belly through all the poses.

I can devote a whole day to solitude, not checking my phone or email or Facebook or twitter or… Just peace and quiet.

All of these things are medicine. Our bodies and minds will ask for what they need in a multitude of ways. Sometimes it’s numbers on a lab test. Or chronic pain. And sometimes it’s in the bizarre longing to be buried in the ground. If we listen deeply we can find ways to respond to the requests.

We’re inching closer to winter, that great incubator, every day. Take care of your roots and be surprised by what can bloom in the spring!


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