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The Fullness of Summer | Hardin Acupuncture

The Fullness of Summer

Summertime at the Nuin Center

(originally shared with my newsletter last summer)

I was traveling back from a picnic last weekend with my friend and her 5 yr. old daughter. A quintessential summer gathering – good food, a trampoline, hot sun, the works. It was fun, and this little girl was worn out but still hungry for all of it. She remembered suddenly that she’d left her half-eaten strawberry shortcake at the party. And then she proceeded to cry for 30 minutes.

Now, the easy thing is to just see the ridiculousness in it. It’s just cake, right? Come on, kid, take your favorite song lyrics to heart and let it go.

But there’s a part in all of us that doesn’t want things to end. That is afraid of missing out. That gets a little overwhelmed by the heat and activity of summer. And my heart went out to her.

It’s not all on the surface in a meltdown like it is with kids, but maybe it shows up for some of us as insomnia. Or a hatred of winter. Or an addiction to sugar. Or fear of death. Or habits that feel good superficially but don’t really feed your soul. Or just good old-fashioned anxiety.

There is so much abundance in summer – from the variety of vegetables in my CSA, to the events on my calendar, to the energy I feel when I wake up in the morning. Mostly this is a good thing. The heat is expansive and there can be a sense of light-hearted joy.

But sometimes we can feel burned out or hyped up from too much going on, and yet afraid of missing out if we turn down an invitation or leave a little space in our schedule.

Remember that cool summer mornings, fireflies at dusk, and afternoons spent in hammocks (or on acupuncture tables!) have their gifts to offer too. Those moments of rest and reflection allow us to experience the fullness of summer without the frenzy.

Look at the bees. They definitely earn their busy adjective, but they never seem stressed. As my friend Veronica said, they always look like they are having the best day ever.

So I encourage you to have a cool drink and a long sit somewhere in the shade.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. And if you cry a little when the fireworks are over on Friday, I won’t tell anyone.


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