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Healing is WILD | Hardin Acupuncture

Healing is WILD

Healing is Wild

Healing is noticing the green plants and feeling the green places ripe for growth in yourself, and knowing they are the same thing.

Healing is being curious enough about the pangs your body makes to want a real change, not a duct-tape solution.

It’s noticing that your heart is actually aching for a real life, aching for you to slow down, to stop, to turn inward, to see.

But slowing down feels like death, so we just keep going. We don’t even have time to have a proper cold with bed rest and soup. We take dayquil and keep going.

Where are we rushing to anyway? Maybe the best insight of our life will come while we’re sweating out our sickness alone in our bed.

We aren’t machines and yet we want healing to be linear. And fast. And easy. We want to have a specific concrete problem that has a specific concrete answer. And then get on with life.

But healing is WILD! That miraculous force within you that knows how to knit bones back together and awaken your heart is a wily wild beast. It’s mysterious and unpredictable.

It responds best to healing interactions that have depth and texture and shape and flavor. That ask it to dance rather than command it. Interactions that have one foot firmly rooted in the unknown and that leave room for transfiguration. That attune us to the deeper vibration of the universe.

There is a whole symphony of body intelligence that can be activated in so many different ways that wouldn’t be considered medicine by the mainstream.

Of course a poem, a song, can heal. How could we have forgotten this? We are songs. We are poetry.

An herb invites our bodies to a fuller, richer conversation. Tiny acupuncture needles loosen old patterns of pain and constriction.

The universe is trying to come through us. In a real healing interaction, we dissolve and reform. There’s no guaranteed outcome but it’s always more whole than before. We are harmonized to a deeper rhythm.

The Western light of truth
leaves no room for healing
that takes place in the dark.

And yet dark, quiet places are where everything comes from. We need more of those in our lives and in our hearts.

Please be courageous enough to feel your longing and discontent, even when if feels like it will tear you apart and you want to just call it a sickness, a problem. Sit with it, be curious. Resist the urge to pathologize it or give it a quick fix. Allow the space and quiet and time for that longing to lead you to a real life, a life with big vistas where grace grows on trees. And maybe things are upside down but they feel more right than anything else ever did.

3 thoughts on “Healing is WILD

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this, Debbie, and it made me smile to see your lovely face again at the top of the page.

  2. Your blog pulled me in this morning… I didn’t know what I was looking for, but this was it! What beautiful writing, Debbie. Thank you for sharing yourself so eloquently and generously.

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