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The light isn’t going away, it’s going inside | Hardin Acupuncture

The light isn’t going away, it’s going inside

It’s so easy to be connected to the outside world in the summer. The days are long and warm, people are out and about, there’s often a sense of light-hearted flow even with all the busyness. And then fall comes, and for many people there’s this sense of foreboding. WINTER IS COMING. With cold and ice. And shorter and shorter and shorter days. We wake up in the dark and come home in the dark.

The way Chinese medicine holds this transition is that all the light that was radiating out in summer starts to turn inward. It’s a time to illuminate our depths. To contemplate our life, to see things more clearly, to focus on what really matters. It’s a reminder that we have our own sun burning in our hearts all the time. Yes, that big outer sun is delicious – I notice a lightness in my mood on crisp sunny fall days. But overcast days have their own sense of beauty. They are a soft reminder to look inside. And the fall is a whole season dedicated to that.

The lungs and the large intestine are the organs associated with autumn. They are all about receiving, finding the gems, and letting go of what’s not needed. There’s a reason people feel drawn to clear out this time of year. It’s the natural movement of the season.

Many of my favorite acupuncture points speak to this process of turning inward, letting go, and finding the light inside: receive light, warm current, returning current, cloud gate, narrow passage, illuminated sea. Needling these reminds the body and the spirit of the importance of space and time and quiet and slowness.

We all need it, individually and collectively. Here’s to giving it the value it deserves this fall!

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