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Closings and Openings | Hardin Acupuncture

Closings and Openings

How are you during this challenging time?

By some grace, as many of you know, I was already scheduled to be closed this week. I’ve been working and working to finish the renovation of my new acupuncture and herbal treatment space, and this was to be my week off before my grand opening in Morningside on March 24th.

After lots of thought, conversations with colleagues, and reflection on the public request of the Allegheny County Health Department and the Governor, I will be extending my closure for at least one more week beyond this one for in-person appointments. I’m so sorry for the disruption for those of you already booked next week. It’s a very hard decision because I want to help, however – stopping the spread of the virus must be the top concern. My hope is that I will be able to begin seeing patients in person again the week of March 30th, but I am prepared to do what is safest and wisest for all concerned. We will take it day by day together.

While I won’t be offering acupuncture for two weeks, there are many other facets to Chinese medicine that are very helpful, much of which you can do at home for yourself. I’ve shared two articles, a qi gong practice, and more tips below. I am also available for phone/video consults (for existing patients) starting on Monday, possibly sooner. These could include dietary advice, acupressure protocols, herbal prescriptions or just a calm, listening ear. I can put together herbal formulas for you to pick up if I have the herbs in stock or can have things drop-shipped to you. Herbal formulas have been used in conjunction with Western medicine to help with the crisis in China, for prevention and for those already sick.

I’ll be offering these consults at a discounted rate. We’re all in this together right now. If you’re interested, just let me know and we’ll figure out a time and the details. Please be patient for a response over the next few days, as I’m trying to spend a lot of time unplugged. I am thinking of all of you and sending so much love!

Helpful things…

This is one of the best articles I’ve found on dietary advice:

This article is so full of wisdom on how to take care of ourselves, from a teacher of mine, Dr. Cowan, who is a pediatrician and acupuncturist:

Avoid cold foods and drinks, and foods that create phlegm – sugar, dairy, white flours, fried foods… This is really important!

Stay hydrated – drink water, of course, and also eat hydrating foods – soups and stews, porridges…

Seed spices like cumin, star anise, fennel are very helpful – you can use them in cooking or make a tea out of them.

Get as much sunshine as you can. You can socially distance yourself and still be outside. Walking and time in nature will be wonderful for your body and soul.

Get as much good sleep as you can. Consider a nap, or just a restful pause even if you don’t fall asleep, in the late morning and/or late afternoon. And turn off your screens (so hard to do I know with the rapidly changing situation!) at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. As Dr. Cowan says in the article – use this time to create a new habit.

I’ve been practicing this qi gong routine specifically crafted to help support the lungs:

I’ve also been practicing lovingkindness meditation – there’s a wonderful guided one by bodhipaksa on Insight Timer, an app that you can download for free. Many other wonderful ones as well!

And finally, in a time when the governor is asking non-essential businesses to temporarily close for the good of the whole, it has me reflecting on what is essential in my own life. What do I really want to spend my time on, what can I let go of? What seeds can I plant now during this dramatic pause? Rather than thinking we’re just going to survive this time, how can we come through even stronger, more connected, more in alignment with the natural world? There are no easy answers, but just contemplating these questions, for me, has been a powerful thing and an antidote to fear.

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