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Space in the Garden | Hardin Acupuncture

Space in the Garden

I have the incredible opportunity this summer of interning at the Green Farmacy Garden, a treasure-trove of medicinal herbs and peacefulness in Fulton, Maryland.  As I was weeding some of the beds last Monday, the idea of space kept coming to me.  Mostly, I was pulling sweet annie.  Now, this is a medicinal herb in its own right, and in other beds, it’s given the limelight.  Here though it was crowding out some of the other herbs that deserved a chance to shine.  It got me thinking –  what projects or habits or goals have I been tending that ought to be “weeded” in order to make room for the things that are really important?  It’s not always easy.  I never want to pull up those pretty green shoots so full of possibility!  And yet, the reality is that not all of the seedlings we’ve started this year (or this lifetime) are going to make it to harvest time.

We must be wise gardeners.

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