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I know I promised more fall-weather stay-healthy tips.  And I will deliver (next week, most likely), however I became really inspired by an idea in a book I’m reading called Thank God For Evolution, and wanted to share.  Apparently billions of years ago the earth’s atmosphere contained no oxygen.  None!  The only living creatures were anaerobic bacteria.  Well, one day some of the craftier ones learned how to extract hydrogen from water, which meant that they began polluting the atmosphere with the by-product of that process – oxygen.  Yes, our beloved oxygen was once a toxic waste.  This forced some of the bacteria to evolve in order to at first tolerate and eventually thrive in these conditions, which led to multi-cellular organisms… arthropods… and on and on…

I found this absolutely fascinating.  We are part of an amazing process that is still evolving!  This helps me put things into perspective.  When I step back, are the things that seem negative in my life really negative?  Could they be leading to something new, some adaptation or change for the better?

Choosing to stay engaged and yet totally open to what the outcome may be is very different from having a lackadaisical, come-what-may attitude.  Those early bacteria were probably working very hard to evolve, without a lot of drama or woe-is-me complaints.

I think it’s so important to be clear about our fundamental relationship to life.  Is it a good thing, deep down, that we are here?  I say yes!  There may be catastrophes, big and small, and yet is life at its core still positive, even with devastating wars and natural disasters?  Or on a much smaller scale, are you still going to choose to have a good day (yes, it’s a choice!) even if you got tied up in traffic for an hour this morning?


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