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More fall immune tips | Hardin Acupuncture

More fall immune tips

First of all, even though it’s not fun, limiting (or possibly abstaining from?) sugar, dairy and possibly, gluten will go a long way towards a healthier fall.  The lifestyle recommendations that I offered for help with allergies, are very similar to what will help strengthen the body in its fight against colds and flus.  It makes a lot more sense to try those first (because they’re free!)  I realized last week that I was having a muffin or cookie nearly every day, feeling sniffly and then spending money on expensive echinacea tincture.  Would have been a lot cheaper to just stop eating the sweets until my body got stronger.

That being said, sometimes the body needs a bigger nudge towards wellness.   Here are my two favorite herbal interventions for the first sign of a cold or flu:

Garlic:  This is a super-powered anti-microbial remedy.  However, be forewarned that you will definitely smell like garlic (and be insulted by the people you live with).  You should plan to stay in the whole day and the next day if you do the full regimen.  You will likely start to feel warm and may even sweat, and you should stay bundled up.

Take  1 raw clove of garlic every half an hour, for up to 6 cloves.

Some ways I like to eat it (after crushing through a press):

On a piece of toast with olive oil

Mixed with a spoonful of honey

Added to hummus (which already has a bit of garlic, so this makes it even better)

More about garlic from the Green Farmacy Garden

Echinacea:  Yes, it works!  Really, really well!  Some of its actions include anticatarrhal (a fancy way of saying it takes care of excess snot and irritation in your sinuses), immune-stimulant and anti-microbial.  The easiest way to take this is in tincture form, and you want to take it frequently throughout the day.  It’s important to buy from brands that organically and sustainably harvest – two I like are Gaia Herbs and Herbpharm.  It’s also relatively easy to make your own, which leads me to mention…

For more wellness tips see:

Immune-boosting broth

Flu review- things to think, ingest and do!

Please remember, I am not a doctor.  This is what I would do for myself, and what I would recommend to my dear friends and family, far and above the flu shot (which in no way makes you an overall healthier human being).


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