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Thriving teens and acupuncture | Hardin Acupuncture

Thriving teens and acupuncture

The very issues your teenager is struggling with, when seen through the lens of Chinese Medicine, can often be a pathway to a bright, innovative and highly successful future.  Acupuncture can give grounding to teens who are feeling torn in a million different directions, spark the child that’s feeling hopeless and stuck, and help bring more harmony to the whole family.

It’s true that the teenage years are often awkward, messy and scary.  And yet growth can’t happen any other way.  Most of the interesting, creative adults I know these days struggled in high school.  Einstein had ADD.  What we need more of in this world is depth – and it’s hard to develop that without a few glitches along the way.  Fitting in at school is no longer (if it ever was) a useful measure for success.

I love working with teens because the results are often dramatic and life-changing.  Patterns are not so deeply ingrained yet, so anxious, depressive and compulsive tendencies can be shifted before they’ve become concretized in the body.   Teens can begin to learn from their symptoms and discover a new way of being, rather than becoming locked-in to potentially self-fulfilling labels.  Too often medication traps them in limbo.  The sensations are lessened (and in extreme situations this may be necessary), and yet we’ve essentially taken the doorknob off any openings to deeper transformation. 

My goal is to see acupuncture, and other holistic therapies, become a first step for teens who are struggling, rather than a last resort.  I’ve seen it work wonders in the lives of many patients as well as my own.  And I didn’t start treatment until I was 20 – can’t imagine where I’d be if I’d started at 13!

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