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Split-pea soup | Hardin Acupuncture

Split-pea soup

Since I’ve been proclaiming the benefits of warm foods during the winter, I thought I’d share this tasty split-pea soup I adapted from various recipes on the web. It’s vegetarian-based (although I doctored it up with bacon which I highly recommend!)

Here goes:

olive oil for pan
sea salt (I used smoked salt from Trader Joe’s)
1 yellow onion
2 cups green split-peas
5 cups water or broth
head of broccoli
juice of one lemon

Chop the onion roughly and saute with olive oil (let’s say 1-2 TB) and salt (I don’t know, like a quarter tsp) in a medium saucepan for about 5 minutes. Add in the split-peas and the water and bring to a boil. Lower the temp and simmer for about 20 minutes, lid off.

Meanwhile, if you’d like bacon as a topping, cook about 5 or 6 strips til nice and crispy. Also, juice and zest the lemon. And chop the broccoli.

Back to the soup: add in the chopped broccoli and simmer for another five minutes. Then scoop out about one ladle-full of the soup and set aside in a bowl. Add the lemon juice to the pot and blend the remaining soup with a hand-blender (or transfer to blender if not available). Add the reserved ladle-full back in (this will give the soup a chunkier texture – less like baby food).

Behold! A gorgeous, minty-green soup!

Transfer to bowls and top with some or all of the following:

crumbled bacon (to keep it vegetarian, you could try smoked tempeh – I bet it’d be delicious!)
lemon zest
smoked salt
toasted sesame oil

Serves four.


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