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Inspiring links | Hardin Acupuncture

Inspiring links

I’m traveling this week, so instead of writing a lengthy post, I’m pointing you towards a couple of folks that provide some toe-tingling inspiration. Little points of light to be planted in the dark soil of winter. Perfect for me to read as I get ready for my move to Pittsburgh! More on that later – for now, let these wise words sink in on this solstice evening.

Danielle LaPorte’s Grand Pep Talk

Thirty things to stop doing to yourself

And a lovely quote a friend shared with me in an email today:

God doesn’t give us things; He gives us opportunities. When you need money, God will give you an opportunity to give. When you need forgiveness, God will give you an opportunity to forgive. When you need a miracle, God will give you an opportunity to believe. When you need joy, God will give you an opportunity to help someone. So don’t regret what you do, regret what you don’t do.” — Tony Collins

Happy Holidays!

UPDATE: I had to add this one: Eat like an artist in 2012, maybe the most toe-tingling of all, by the lovely Meg Worden.

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