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The lightness of being fully here | Hardin Acupuncture

The lightness of being fully here

What do you want for your life?

Give yourself the luxury of really imagining what your full potential would look like. Don’t think about what you would have to change to make it happen. That’s just a way to convince yourself to keep playing it safe and small. Write down your biggest goals, your most audacious dreams – the ones that matter to you and to the world we all share.

Sometimes what we think of as roadblocks or problems completely disappear when we look at life from a higher perspective. When we take on something larger than our own personal lives, we’re no longer just floating aimlessly, feeling aches and pains and regret. Maybe life isn’t about solving all of our little problems, but rather it’s about taking on bigger problems. Then our little grievances don’t matter so much anymore.

It seems paradoxical that bigger issues would feel lighter than just worrying about personal problems, but, somehow, they do.

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