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Acupuncture and natural remedies for anxiety | Hardin Acupuncture

Acupuncture and natural remedies for anxiety

Anxiety is one of the top reasons people in Pittsburgh have sought me out as an acupuncturist.  A course of treatment can do wonders for resetting the body and dissolving anxious tendencies.  Most people feel an immediate, calming effect that lasts longer and longer as treatment continues.  Plus, a skilled acupuncturist will offer lifestyle suggestions to help you reclaim your natural state of calm, peaceful energy.  Whether you suffer from a subtle, pervasive sense of uneasiness or full-blown panic attacks, there are lots of everyday things that you can do to ameliorate anxiety.  Here are a few:

Deep Breathing:  Awareness of breath is one of the easiest and most available ways to ease anxiety and enhance wellbeing.  Take a moment now to pay attention to where your breath goes in your body.  How long is your inhale, your exhale?  Does your belly expand? We tend to breathe very shallowly, which sends signals to the body to be hyper-alert.  When you retrain yourself to breathe deeply into the belly, you trigger the parasympathetic nervous system.  This tells the body – all is well.  It takes practice, but trust me, after only a short while of purposeful awareness, your breathing will be deeper all on its own.

Whole foods diet:  A big thing that can help with anxiety is to cut out processed foods, caffeine and refined sugars and grains from the diet.  You want to be bathing your nervous system in nourishing, wholesome foods, not shocking it with empty calories and chemicals.   Add in lots of dark-green, leafy vegetables, preferably lightly steamed.  You may want to experiment with cutting out possible irritants like gluten and dairy and see if you notice a positive change in your overall health.

Exercise:  This can be as simple as a 30-minute walk every day.  In fact, it’s probably best if it’s a simple thing done daily, rather than something extreme done once or twice a week.  Oftentimes anxiety is energy that hasn’t been given a proper direction.  Start to unwind that tight, anxious pattern with a commitment to healthy, daily movement.

Meditation:  When we set aside time to sit completely still without allowing our mind’s constant chatter to sway us in any way, we gain confidence and stability.  Sitting still, spine straight, eyes closed – even if our mind is raging inside – is a metaphor for being calm and strong in the midst of whatever life brings us.  We find a connection to a deep source of peace.  If it seems like you’re too anxious to sit still for even 10 minutes, that’s the exact reason you need to be practicing this.

Hopefully some of these suggestions will help you have more ease and joy in your life.  If you’re interested in finding out if acupuncture may be supportive in your particular case, I invite you to come into my office for a free, 15-minute consultation.  Simply click the button on the left to schedule or call 412-927-4768.

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