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The Power in being a beginner | Hardin Acupuncture

The Power in being a beginner

When you go into an unfamiliar situation or try a something new, do you tend to judge yourself on a pass/fail basis?  If so, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow.  You’re not born into this life with all the tools you need and then set on a series of tests that you either succeed at or bomb.  How cruel would life be if that were the case?  When we look at life from a pass/fail perspective, we needlessly constrain ourselves.  We avoid certain arenas because we think we’re not skilled enough at them.  We miss out on so much.

But how else could we ever get good at them except by trying?  Development is real.  Change is real.  You can build new pathways in your brain, develop new habits, become a different person.  It really is possible.  Never underestimate the power of small, consistent change.  It’s exhilarating to really get this.

The next time you start to say you’re not good at x, try changing it to: I’m a beginner at x.  This way you don’t put your life on hold – you engage fully with everything you’ve got right now.  This doesn’t mean the goal is to become an expert in everything eventually.    I’m a complete beginner at flying a helicopter, but this isn’t a skill that’s important to me, so I’ll probably be a beginner for the rest of my life.  No problem.  Choose the the things that matter to you and then make sure you’re spending time on them.  If you want to be a better speaker, practice speaking.  If you want to grow your own food, get a few pots and some herbs and see what happens!  Don’t hide out til you’re good at something because you’ll never get good that way.  Take risks and you’ll literally see yourself grow right before your own eyes.  It’s an amazing thing.

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