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Staying sane in the world of twitter | Hardin Acupuncture

Staying sane in the world of twitter

We’ve all got so much to do each and every day.

How in the world of twitter do we stay sane in these fast-paced times?

The answer is in cultivating that part of us that’s peaceful no matter what, and that part lies in our hearts.  We all have some sense that the heart is more than just a mechanical pump in our chests.  The Chinese character for the heart depicts an empty vessel, which represents a clear conduit for us to express our true selves in the world.  It’s the part of ourselves that is always calm, that radiates our joy into the world, and through which we receive and celebrate life.

We can practice living more from that place.  Once I got that I could choose to respond to a busy world from a centered place, I stopped longing for some mythical time when things were simpler and started to come alive.

If you’re feeling anxious or on edge, have difficulty falling asleep, struggle around connection and relationships, are easily startled or get sweaty and clammy often, you may need to work on getting more centered in your heart.  (I did!)

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Unplug occasionally I spent all day yesterday disconnected from email, hiking in the woods, napping, reading and eating good food.  Powerful medicine!  Make something like that a weekly practice.  And schedule in mini-breaks each day.
  • Practice staying open to whatever life brings. Really.  Whatever life brings.  Even if you burn your toast or get stuck in traffic for an hour.  Stay open, stay grateful.  (This doesn’t mean that you don’t use discernment to choose positive experiences.  It’s very helpful to be critical about what you’re taking in on a daily basis – news (or the sensationalism that passes for news much of the time), food, interactions, etc.)
  • Meditation – the best way to align with the emptiness of the heart.  We’re like the night sky holding the multitude of stars – vast, open, ready for anything.  Just sit quietly, comfortably and let everything be as it is.  You’ll still have thoughts, feelings, but just let yourself expand around them.  No need to change anything.
  • Singing!  Even if you think your voice is awful, sing along to the radio in the car, sing in the shower.  This is a way to express the natural joy of the heart and clear away any clouds caused by worry, fear, sadness or longing.

When our center is strong, we have so much more to offer life.  We can cut through chaos and complexity with ease and clarity, and really thrive in this wonderful time to be alive.

For a post I wrote on the connection between the heart and fertility, check out Without Child.

I’ll post links to some great articles covering a similar topic on Thursday, so watch for that!

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