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Springtime in Quarantine

  “Things gradually show themselves to us in the dark when we are willing to spend time there.” Thea Elijah A patient of mine shared how much she missed coming in for her seasonal tune-up (and I miss that too!) As some of you know, there are certain points that are especially potent at the […]

Closings and Openings

How are you during this challenging time? By some grace, as many of you know, I was already scheduled to be closed this week. I’ve been working and working to finish the renovation of my new acupuncture and herbal treatment space, and this was to be my week off before my grand opening in Morningside […]

Mystery at the heart of healing

Many people in the modern world believe (whether explicitly or implicitly) in “promissory materialism”, which essentially says that although there are things that Western science hasn’t fully explained, it is only a matter of time before all is illuminated. Rather than seeing the reductionist, materialist scientific worldview for what it is – a worldview, one […]

My mentor, Bob Duggan – a life well-lived

It’s been about a week and a half since Bob Duggan, one of my greatest teachers, the founder of my acupuncture school, visionary, father, grandfather, passed away. Amidst the grief I feel, there is immense gratitude, and a deep reflection on everything I’ve learned from him. He taught me just how radical getting down to […]

Acupuncture for Syrian Refugees

Update: THANK YOU to all who made my mission to Greece possible! I am so grateful for the support I was able to offer for people who are in a tremendously difficult situation. On Nov 16th I’ll be joining a team of Global Outreach Doctors to help with the SYRIAN REFUGEE CRISIS on a small […]

How Does Acupuncture Work?

I gave a talk on acupuncture this past Tuesday at the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, a charter high school in Oakland. I was impressed by how many great questions the students asked! My goal was to explain some of the exciting things we’re beginning to learn about acupuncture from a biomedical perspective. AND to […]

Acupuncture + Depression: The Empty Heart

This is the second post in a series on acupuncture and depression. The first post is Building a Fire in Your Life. The quiet center of our hearts offers endless rejuvenation and reassurance. It does this by being empty: at any given moment the heart has both full and empty chambers. The Chinese character for […]

Acupuncture + Depression: Building a Fire in Your Life

[This is the intro post in a series that will explore depression and Chinese medicine] I like the magic of building fires. Do these certain tasks – gather kindling, make a pyramid, add a lit match, fan like crazy, add bigger sticks. Then (if you’re me) pray that they catch. And they always do! I’m […]

A patient’s acupuncture story

The following entry was written by a dear patient of mine. She went from being terrified of needles to actually looking forward to treatments! I hope her success story will help others who are curious about acupuncture and are afraid to try it.  In mid 2012 I decided to try acupuncture for chronic pain in […]

Does acupuncture hurt?

This is one of the the top questions I hear about acupuncture. When you mention the word ‘needle’ people tend to get a little bit wary. Some people even hold up their hands in defense as if I’m going to try and stick them with a needle right then and there! I can relate. When […]

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