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Living In Harmony

White caterpillars

I wrote this piece after my Uncle Dave passed away on Oct 1 2015. He was one of my favorite people. Funny and talented, he had an album of original songs out in the 1970’s, and one of them was even used later in a John Waters movie! As one of 7 kids, trips by […]

Healing is WILD

Healing is noticing the green plants and feeling the green places ripe for growth in yourself, and knowing they are the same thing. Healing is being curious enough about the pangs your body makes to want a real change, not a duct-tape solution. It’s noticing that your heart is actually aching for a real life, […]

The Fullness of Summer

(originally shared with my newsletter last summer) I was traveling back from a picnic last weekend with my friend and her 5 yr. old daughter. A quintessential summer gathering – good food, a trampoline, hot sun, the works. It was fun, and this little girl was worn out but still hungry for all of it. […]

Your Roots are on the Inside

Around this time of year I start imagining what it would be like to be buried in the ground. Now that sounds creepy, but I don’t mean in a macabre-death-vampire way. More like a cute, hibernating groundhog way. Or a sleeping tulip bulb way. I picture myself totally protected, warm, and enveloped, able to draw […]

Nourish Yin to Nourish Life

Have you ever let a houseplant go too long without water? The soil gets so hard and dry that water doesn’t even penetrate the surface. You have to submerge it fully in a bucket or in the sink and just let it soak. Sometimes we need a good soak too. Especially this time of year. […]

Mindfulness in Daily Life

  I used to put things I wanted to be on my to-do lists. Right there along with oil change and pay quarterly taxes would be act more loving towards yourself and others and practice peace. As I accomplished the more mundane things, I would cross them off with increasing satisfaction. When the crossed-off things […]

How are you? I’m fantastic.

Not too bad. Could be worse. Another day, another dollar. How often do you hear something along those lines in response to the question, How are you? Maybe you even answer that way yourself. It may seem trivial, but what’s actually being transmitted about life through those words? That it’s just something to survive, to […]

Elderberry and friends: 11 natural ways to prevent the flu

This post isn’t about whether or not to get the flu shot (I’ll let you spend hours googling that one.) The advice I want to share for preventing the flu naturally will help you stay as healthy as possible either way. Forgive the obviousness of the first tip, but seriously: 1. Wash your hands! It […]

Don’t play whack-a-mole with your symptoms

Many of us think that real medicine is what other people do to us. We get sick, we go to the doctor. We need our back fixed, we see the chiropractor. We see the acupuncturist to take away our headaches. But the ways that we tend ourselves on a daily basis will always be more […]

I Lost My Mojo in a Pitcher of Margaritas

Remember when I said I was going to be doing my best impression of a tulip bulb over the break?  Hibernating, resting, building up energy for the new year?  Welllll, I also had lovely, amazing friends visit, finished my Christmas shopping, cleaned the heck out of my apartment, and had all of the following things […]

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