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More thoughts on meditation

I just can’t help myself.  After 12 hours of deep meditation this weekend, I have to share a few more thoughts on the practice.  I feel such a renewed vigor and focus this week, like a strong wind blew through my mind and only left the important things. And yet it wasn’t all fun while […]

Meditation is training for life

“Just stop for a minute and see what you have given your mind to do.  You said to your mind, ‘I want everyone to like me.  I don’t want anyone to speak badly of me.  I want everything I say and do to be acceptable and pleasing to everyone.  I don’t want anyone to hurt […]

Meditation is…

Better than morphine according to this study.  Even people with only 1 hour of mindfulness meditation training experienced a significant decrease in their level of pain during meditation. Like making sure I’ve eaten a good meal before going to the grocery store.  If I don’t everything looks delicious, and I can’t decide what’s good for […]

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