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Owning Your Power

Internet-free Sundays

In early January, I resolved to make my Sundays internet-free after reading an article about stop days on (link at the end). I’ve mostly stuck to it. Waking up on Monday morning is a pretty peaceful experience on the weeks when I have. It forces me to realize this true but often frantically ignored […]

On Resilience: Reflections of a former cancer patient

Penny Brill was one of my very first patients here in Pittsburgh and is one of the most inspiring people I know. It’s impossible not to be swept up by her optimism and passion. She is a violist with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and is the founder of their Music and Wellness program. She’s also […]

Do it anyway

  I was babysitting my friend’s three-year old daughter the other day.  When I saw her wiggling in her chair while working on her puzzle, I gave her a little reminder to go try on the potty.  She stalled and protested, but finally started walking towards the stairs, waving her arm in front of her […]

Acupuncture is like gardening

If you’ve been around an acupuncturist or any other holistic practitioner, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “treating the whole person”.  Have you ever thought about what this means? It means that acupuncture is more like gardening than it is like car repair.  We can’t just take in our hurt shoulder, leave it for a few […]

Stone Soup – how to make things happen

I think you know the story of stone soup.  It’s one of my favorites.  A hungry traveler comes to a small town looking for food, carrying nothing but a large pot.  The townspeople don’t have much and aren’t keen on sharing what little they do have.  The traveler proceeds to fill the pot with water […]

The gardening cure for Parkinson’s

Did you hear about the man who cured his Parkinson’s by taking up gardening?  In his early 70’s, he began struggling with the brain fog, jolty gait, and tremors of the syndrome.  He felt dried up and fleeting, like a dandelion puff.  One day, he remembered his earlier love of working in the earth, and […]

The Freedom of Discipline

It seems like an oxymoron. How could discipline and freedom go together? Slogging through tasks even when you don’t want to, waking up at 5am to do boot camp exercises, never ever eating chocolate.  Is that what comes to mind when you hear the word discipline?  Seems like a far cry from freedom.  And while […]

The Power in being a beginner

When you go into an unfamiliar situation or try a something new, do you tend to judge yourself on a pass/fail basis?  If so, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow.  You’re not born into this life with all the tools you need and then set on a series of tests that you either succeed […]

Being alive is its own reward

After a hard day’s work, I just need to veg out to TV.  I need that glass of wine.  I need a chocolate bar after a stressful day.    It’s an unfortunate human habit that we often treat ourselves with things that just make us feel worse in the long-run.  There’s not necessarily anything wrong with […]

An ounce of prevention

Does the practice of earlier and earlier testing for specific pathologies promote health or disease? A recent article in the New York Times by H. Gilbert Welch, a professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, says the latter (and I agree). While it’s true that early detection is important […]

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