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Owning Your Power

The lightness of being fully here

What do you want for your life? Give yourself the luxury of really imagining what your full potential would look like. Don’t think about what you would have to change to make it happen. That’s just a way to convince yourself to keep playing it safe and small. Write down your biggest goals, your most […]

All good in the deepest way

I was driving to Pittsburgh today in the rain. I was holding the steering wheel a little tightly, and I noticed my jaw was tense. I started thinking about all of the things I wanted to do in the next few days, people I wanted to meet, places I wanted to go. And then I […]

Of course you can

When I was in college I started working a few days a week for one of the retired Philosophy professors, Dr. Kingsley Price, who was in his late eighties and blind. We’d go grocery shopping, pay bills, go through mail, but mostly I’d read to him – philosophy journals, letters from friends, novels. He was […]

Choosing your mood

When I was getting my masters in acupuncture, self-cultivation was a big part of the program.  If you’re in the field of helping others realize their potential, you’ve really got to be exploring your own pretty deeply.  One of the practices we learned was designing our mood.  It sounds too simple – just declare how […]

We have to occupy our lives

While traveling this week, I was flipping through the radio stations, kind of out of a morbid curiosity.  With the risk of sounding like a stereotypical adult, I have to say I was disgusted by what I heard.  It felt like my veins had been pumped full of plastic.  There’s nothing to really grab hold […]

Freedom tastes better than coffee

“Life itself is the proper binge” -Julia Child I just finished reading the first chapter of a book called The Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.  It’s about making change when change is hard, as they say in the tagline.   Lots of interesting ideas. For example, according to some psychologists, self-control is exhaustible.   This is […]


I know I promised more fall-weather stay-healthy tips.  And I will deliver (next week, most likely), however I became really inspired by an idea in a book I’m reading called Thank God For Evolution, and wanted to share.  Apparently billions of years ago the earth’s atmosphere contained no oxygen.  None!  The only living creatures were […]

Leaving Well Enough Alone

The illusion of perfect health can create a rigidity that is very unhealthy. In what ways are we already healthy enough right now to be the people we’re meant to be and to offer our particular gifts to the world?  We are here to create, make a difference, manifest things, change, and get messy sometimes.  […]


Hello and welcome!  This blog aims to be a resource for exploring what it means to live well. To me, wellness doesn’t mean that we are completely free of symptoms.  We all will experience ups and downs.  Do we have the wisdom to learn from our challenges, be they physical, emotional or spiritual?  Can we […]

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