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Seasonal Wisdom

The light isn’t going away, it’s going inside

It’s so easy to be connected to the outside world in the summer. The days are long and warm, people are out and about, there’s often a sense of light-hearted flow even with all the busyness. And then fall comes, and for many people there’s this sense of foreboding. WINTER IS COMING. With cold and […]

Acupuncture + Depression: Spring edition

Here it is May 2nd, and I was still wearing a hat on my walk to work yesterday. The pink dogwoods, yellow daffodils, and cheery birds are all saying spring is here, but winter doesn’t seem to want to fully let go. That dynamic of being almost ready shows up in us too. And it […]

Winter is the backbone for summer’s joy

One of the things I love most about Chinese medicine is that it has so much wisdom to offer on how to live in alignment with the seasons. Each one is acknowledged for its specific strengths and opportunities. Winter is like the backbone for summer’s joy. It may not be as pretty or exciting or […]

How to avoid being a frosted-over crocus

Many of us are probably starting to feel a little cabin-fever, an itch to get moving again, especially on this snowy day. I love winter, and yet I’m just as eager for spring as a winter-hater at this point. The idea of hot sunlight on bare skin feels like a distant dream. Spring is for […]

Getting in tune with fall

  I leave today for a weekend in the Berkshires, studying with my mentor, acupuncturist Lonny Jarrett. It’s going to be absolutely beautiful up there this time of year. Fall is hands-down my favorite season. Many people seem to love this time of year. For some, however fall means weakened immunity, sadness, and decreased energy. […]

Ain’t Afraid of No Cold

Scientists did an experiment once where they placed the cold virus directly into the nostrils of 100 (willing) test people. Gross, I know. But guess how many people got sick? One. That’s right, one. It’s clear that proximity to germs is not the only factor when it comes to getting sick. I can’t stand when […]

Savoring this Season

The start of school, that slight chill in the air at night, dusk coming earlier.  Summer may seem to be over, but it’s not fall yet.  We are in a transition period, a time of year that Chinese medicine deems late summer, with its own gifts, flavor and opportunities.  Here’s an ode to this beautiful […]

Lemon Cucumber Mint Water

Wow. 97 degrees!  I don’t want to do much more than lounge in the air conditioning and read a book.  I spent an hour or so watering plants this morning, and it just about did me in. Now, I’m enjoying the water pictured above. Just add cucumber and lemon slices and a few sprigs of […]

Summer survival guide for winter lovers

Who needs a survival guide for summer?  Come on, everything’s bright and happy and spacious and fun!  What’s there to survive?  How could those cold, icy dark days of winter compete?   For some (ok, me!), summer can be a little too hot sometimes, a little too in-your-face.  I find myself longing for the dark peacefulness […]

The possibilities of spring

Spring can be a time of increased energy, creativity and vision.  Everything seems possible, flowers are blooming, ideas are sprouting.  The world is your oyster.  Life couldn’t be better. Or maybe not. For some, this seasonal transition is difficult, and they experience symptoms such as allergies, headaches, muscular tension, insomnia, and frustration.  But the body […]

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