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Seasonal Wisdom

Root Vegetable Salad

  Spring completely blindsided me this year. I still thought I might try cross-country skiing some weekend, and I had a bundle of root vegetables that I was planning to roast on a chilly evening.  It took three near-80 degree days for me to realize that the window of opportunity for these events had almost […]

Ginger tea

Today in Pittsburgh was a bit more like a typical winter. Cold, snowy and wet. A perfect day for a warm cup of ginger tea. Use about a 1/2 inch nob of fresh ginger and thinly slice it – you want as much surface area as possible. (You can peel it first if you like, […]

Split-pea soup

Since I’ve been proclaiming the benefits of warm foods during the winter, I thought I’d share this tasty split-pea soup I adapted from various recipes on the web. It’s vegetarian-based (although I doctored it up with bacon which I highly recommend!) Here goes: olive oil for pan sea salt (I used smoked salt from Trader […]

Say yes to winter

How do we make the most of this time of year?  I’ll give you a hint – it’s not by getting a jump on your holiday shopping at midnight tomorrow.  Rather than fighting against the season, try diving in deeper.  If you’re feeling tired, maybe even sad, maybe even SAD,  can you see that this […]

What I’m having for breakfast

Congee!  Otherwise known as jook.  Or to be really obvious, rice porridge.  Whatever you call it, it’s a traditional Chinese food (although many cultures do something similar) that is very simple to make and extremely nourishing.  The basic recipe is 1 part rice (you can use any kind although whole grain is best) to about […]

More fall immune tips

First of all, even though it’s not fun, limiting (or possibly abstaining from?) sugar, dairy and possibly, gluten will go a long way towards a healthier fall.  The lifestyle recommendations that I offered for help with allergies, are very similar to what will help strengthen the body in its fight against colds and flus.  It […]

Immune-boosting broth

I shared this recipe with my clients last year (indebted to herbalist Rebecca Snow for this), and wanted to post it here again for those that haven’t seen it.  I’m a big believer in prevention – strengthening the body so it doesn’t succumb to the germs that it will inevitably come into contact with is […]

Super-cooling Watermelon Smoothie

This is so good and simple.  I don’t even know if I can call it a recipe with so few ingredients!  It’s a tasty, surprisingly creamy drink, and it’s also medicinal.   One of the patterns of disharmony that Chinese medical texts speak of is “summer heat” – it shows up as a throbbing headache, a […]

Three Simple Ways to Cleanse

Last week I decided to eat very simply in order to cleanse my system and as a practice of awareness.  I ate slowly and only at particular times of day.  Breakfast was some sort of whole grain that I had soaked the night before – like millet or brown rice – cooked with blueberries or […]

Seasonal Allergies

We’re coming up on that time when lots of congested, itchy-eyed people will be explaining, “it’s the pollen count.”  Sure, the pollen is one part of the story, and yet why is the body reacting in such a way to it?  Dealing with allergies – and not just suppressing the body’s natural response through antihistamines […]

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